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AR glasses are expected to be the next most trending pieces of tech in infotainment over the next decade. The nature of AR technology gives us the ability to experience and create exciting new opportunities, dramatically impacting the way we interact and communicate with one another, giving birth to new applications and hardware. Still, one of the main issues for tech giants to consider before AR glasses are adopted and accepted widely is that they should be unobtrusive and work perfectly without default. Because currently, there are numerous devices that can support AR, such as our smartphones. Therefore, for AR glasses to rocket in sales, they will need to function with the same specifications and speed as our current technology, if not better, to win us over. Past attempts have been unsuccessful, such as Google Glass, due to reluctance and concerns over ethical issues such as privacy and security of AR glasses.

Woman trapped in window trying to retrieve poo after Tinder date

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One of the first high-profile wearables is finally about to kick the bucket, several years after a short rollercoaster ride atop the tech news cycle. Google recently updated the support page for Google Glass Explorer Edition with information about the product’s final update. The patch will essentially divorce Google Glass from any of Google’s backend services after Feb.

Once it’s installed and that date rolls by, Glass users won’t be able to log in at all with their Google accounts on the device. After that, the old version of Glass will still work as a sort of husk of its former self. It’ll still connect to phones via Bluetooth, support sideloaded apps, and allow photos and videos to be taken with the camera.

The MyGlass mobile app that allows users to manage device settings won’t work after the update, either. It should be noted that this only applies to Google Glass Explorer Edition, the consumer-grade version of Glass that Google launched in The business-grade Enterprise Edition will still work normally for the foreseeable future. This is basically Google cutting bait on a device it hasn’t marketed or sold to the public for years.

Intel made smart glasses that look normal

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enjoyed meeting and every time they are on the app and within distance, the app GooGLe GLasses A smartwatch isn’t the only hardware Hookupper could work This is a lesson from dating sites and their attempt at gauging compatibility.

Did you ever think about how Google Glass could affect your dating life? With Glass and other augmented reality apps, creeps hitting on you at bars just might get a whole lot creepier. If the future of dating looks anything like this concept video from an Israeli software company, you should prepare for potential mates to be reading real-time information about you as you interact. The American Psycho -channeling video from Infinity Augmented Reality imagines what Google Glass-like products could soon enable, with specific emphasis on how they could be used to pick up strangers and hustle friends in pool halls.

For instance, a camera might recognize a person’s face and quietly pull up their Facebook profile. Meanwhile, it analyzes voice tone to rate “interest” in real time.

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How do you use your mobile devices? Sure, I like technology. I do use my iPhone 5 almost constantly. I listen to podcasts and fka music all day at work.

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Tim Sweeney, chief executive of Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, has railed against tech power. By Erin Griffith. That year, Mr. In , Mr. Sweeney went at it again. His mission to rein in the power of the tech companies has now reached a fever pitch. Sweeney is preparing for a protracted legal battle after Apple and Google banned Fortnite, which is played by more than million people, from their stores this month for trying to get around its payment systems.

In response, Epic sued both companies , accusing them of violating antitrust laws by forcing developers to use those payment systems. People close to him said the fight was not about money or ego. Instead, they said, it is firmly about principle.

After numerous rejections, Struck’s dating app for the Co-Star crowd hits the App Store

After not using dating apps for several months, I recently decided to reinstall a few. Yet I find myself only choosing to swipe right on about one in 10 guys. If their profile only has photos and no written bio — swipe left.

More than half, men, women and google glasses dating app meet online to offer some great sexual stories, and the number of gay couples and singles is.

By Mark Prigg and Ted Thornhill. The first facial recognition app for Google’s Glass wearable computer has launched – and it claims to be able to spot your perfect date in a crowded room. It can scan the room, trying to match people with pictures takes from social networking and dating site. Its makers claim it can even check the sex offenders register before deciding on a match.

The ultimate date finder: A new app for Google Glass can take a picture of a face then scour social networks for the person to see if they are a good match. Frame game: App designer Kevin Alan Tussy demonstrates how the software works. For peace of mind the NameTag app will cross-reference photographs against the sex offenders registry.

NameTag can spot a face using the camera built into Google Glass. It then sends this via the wearer’s mobile phone to a server and compare it to millions of records.

Can Google Glass help autistic children read faces?

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Are you more of an indoors or outdoors person? Animal courtship may involve complicated dances or touching, and training in medicine.

Ever had a date that ended like this? A woman who threw her poo out of her date’s toilet window because it “would not flush” had to be rescued.

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